Tuesday, July 8, 2008


It’s one of those days where u for once wish that u could go back in time n just once, only and only once you can go back and change one tiny moment, take that fraction of a second back from time... pray that that specific point in time can be changed forever.
As tiny as that, as insignificantly small in its inherent value but potent enough to destroy all that is around. A spark from a cigarette bringing the whole house down, a tiny atom destroying an entire city, a mutation finishing an entire species, an ignorance wiping an entire civilisation..
The burden of that great a magnitude resting on an if, only and only on an IF... a monosyllabic two-letter word. Hanging on a cliff by a weak creeper, drowning in the sea save for a twig, the last log burning on a winter night, struggling for breath save for the ventilator, clinging to life but for that one single moment. And that is the moment when the creeper gives away, the twig floats away, the ventilator is switched off.
Life is over.
That’s a blessing. The hope in that moment is worse- hoping for tide to change, hoping to fight against time, turning back the wheel of fortune or misfortune.
And I am suspended in that moment. Waiting for the clock to move its hands and tell me its half past noon. Half past noon, the moment of hope or of none. When i shall be either delivered or be doomed.
Till then, I live or struggle to live with the noose tightening around my neck. Killing time. Or may be the other way round.

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Yatharth said...

My friend, if God was kind enough to grant you one single wish, do you really think that changing one tiny moment would grant you that wish in its entirety? The one tiny moment is a consequence of many tiny moments put together by you, so changing just the consequential moment would never help, because the actions still stay the same!