Tuesday, July 8, 2008


HURT. PAIN. TEARS. ANGER. REVENGE. SELF. - what really “love” is all about.
Unconditional Love??? Doesn’t exist. It’s all about self.
I love you. Because- you are what I expect you to be.
I care for you. Because- you care for me.
I can’t live without you. Only if you perform your role well enough.
You are my world. Till the time it’s what I want it to be.
Contrary to the worldly concept of love, there doesn’t exist a more selfish emotion.
Selfish. Period.

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harsymran said...

its jus a relationship where u can cater to someones ego and that someone can cater to ur ego.

something that gives you the illusion of being safe and comfortable in life.

something you believe in cause you want to.