Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I am back, as much as I wish I could say with a bang, nevertheless I am back... feels weird, typing alphabet after alphabet, stringing them together, in a comprehendible, meaningful order... that’s the game, comprehendible meaningful order- I could just close my eyes n hit the keys jfkjfsjdk,gfewjfg; know what I am trying to say..
What makes a great writer, the one who can put the right alphabets in the right order and then on the right words, and then the right sentences and so on... till it becomes a masterpiece, an object of admiration, another proof of the creative abilities she/he possesses...
Great is a little too much to aspire for, but as of now a writer is what i am trying to be... why trying??? Isn’t it true that either you are one or you are not... the degree of creative genius aside... true it is, but after suffering a writer’s block for over eight months that’s all i can aim for..
Stringing the foresaid words, believe me, only these many are making me feel alive, real, true.. i think i can feel again.. It’s a sudden rush of blood supply to a part wherein it had been cut off, or your sleepy foot feeling sensation again, or more appropriately air gushing into lungs after one has been asphyxiated...
To living, to breathing, to writing.

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Saahil Kapoor said...

Lol. So been there. Love the sleepy foot comparisn. Here's hoping the foot and the blog both stay completely awake now