Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Caught in the wires... caught, tied, trapped in the wires... they tug and pull from all directions tightening their grip with every passing moment. With a life of their own, they will not let go till there is surrender
All started with a harmless length of wire. It was a trap, a meticulously laid out trap. And once caught, there was no looking back. It grows on till it’s an addiction. Till sometime ago, it's existence was confined to the background. Never interfering daily living, the presence wasn’t even felt.
And that’s when came the revenge. Even with the technology upgrading and updating itself with every stroke of the clock’s hands, it couldn’t win the war against wires. All efforts to make a wireless world have been in vain. The irony is that it doesn’t seem so. Take a closer look. The more is the effort to eradicate their identity, the more they are needed in the effort to do so. When the fight for wireless was not on, at least the being was wire free. An average individual would today have a minimum of 12 wires governing the routine. Cell phone charger, hands free, mobile data cable, car mobile charger, i pod charger, i pod headphones, laptop charger, laptop data cables, laptop LAN cables, digital camera wires, camera data cables etc n the list goes on...

The wireless wired world (www) is a stem off of the world wide web (www) and the wires are continually weaving the web, waiting for the victim to fall into it for it all to end.

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Saahil Kapoor said...

This I've read, an loved, but what an irony that I now read this on the net :-)