Friday, July 10, 2009


Everyday at school I was told to do so.
Whack! comes a slap from my mom...
can't you think and do something.
Whack! comes another one.... do something,
come out of the dream world & stop thinking.


To think or not to think, is what I am thinking.
That was childhood, now I am an adult.

Profession demands it, relationship doesn't.

If I don’t think, I can’t do a thing (ah! it rhymes)
Yes, I aspire to be an ad person, a journalist, a movie maker…
So if today I don’t think,
all these things will go dong-ding.

If I think, my relationship goes out of sync (ah! ah! it rhymes again)
"you think too much", is all I get to hear.
I have no plans to live life alone
so I have to shut my mind up
for my relationship to be always full of zing!

Now what are you thinking???
Do I really think or just waste ink
writing on whether....
to think or not to think!!!

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