Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tea Zealots

Sometimes I wonder how people can fill pages after pages, with a ceaseless flow of words. For I am absolutely alien to this phenomenon. It takes me forever to scribble even a few lines- not that I keep pondering over what I write forever. It’s just that I write once in an eon(metaphorically, of course, or it would fit if u take Pluto's time frame) - when I do it takes only a few minutes to spill it all out- something like erupting of a volcano, once it starts, there’s no stopping.

As hilarious or as absurd it may seem, I guess people are damn quick- way too quick for my standards. They are able to spin off tales in no time, like instant coffee. Blink! And its ready. Doesn’t take time to prepare - INSTANT!

As far as I am concerned, and other few who suffer as I do, writing is more like brewing tea. The tea leaves afloat, patiently simmering over a quiet fire, till the time the flavour and the colour have been rightfully extracted. Takes time, but is worth it…

The only hope that keeps a tea brewer like me going is that in this time-less world of coffee lovers exist a few tea zealots. And its for them that I exist and survive.

To the Tea Zealots!


Brijender Singh said...

Tea zealots?
This phrase seems like an oxymoron by itself coz i think the word "zealots" suits the coffee tribe more !

But even if i give you the benefit of the doubt here, where exactly DO you find these zealots?
Havent met a soul in ages who is comfortable with the aromatic infusion of tea and ginger and cardamom at the chai-waala under a tree-they all seem to be making a beeline to the latest cafe to order a concoction that, in most cases, they do not even understand !

Saryu Bansal said...

nah there's no irony there.. you're talking of a stereotypical crowd, n as u say, the coffee lovers don't even know what they're drinking; they fall in neither category. they are a pretentious lot.. and that's the whole idea. in current times, they are only a select few who really relish tea, rather than pretend to be in love with coffee, which they don't appreciate or understand. it's dedicated to those select few!