Saturday, March 26, 2011

Perfect Spring Day

'Lo! where the rosy-bosomed Hours,
Fair Venus' train, appear,
Disclose the long-expecting flowers,
And wake the purple year!
The Attic warbler pours her throat,
Responsive to the cuckoo's note,
The untaught harmony of spring:
While, whisp'ring pleasure as they fly,
Cool Zephyrs thro' the clear blue sky
Their gathered fragrance fling.'
Thomas Gray (Ode to Spring)

Such would be a perfect spring day. Or may be even better. As it turned out, for today for me was an unblemished day. Living in the present moment I lived my teenage years once again. Ideal beginning: caught up on an okeyish English rom-com with some old friends and their old friends. Came home to the smiles, hugs and kisses from my son. Went flea market shopping and picked up great stuff with mom-in-law. Took my little monkey to the park and then for a drive. And for the first time in the last three years or may be more, called up a friend impromptu and landed at her place and recieved the warmest welcome. Chatted inanely, played with my little monster, bitched a little and ate chocolate cake! For once, my teeny weeny tot slept in time. Not one argument with hubby the entire day. It can’t get better than that, can it?

For the harsh weather of life that we endure, honest & effortless days like this are the spring!

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